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On and Off Road Electric Mountain Bikes

Whether you’re looking to reduce your carbon footprint or simply want to benefit from the latest cycling technology, at Westhill Bikes we’re proud to offer the ‘Terrain’ range – state-of-the-art electric mountain bikes that deliver exceptional on- and off-road performance. The Westhill Terrain has been designed to provide pedal-assist on demand, enabling you to get extra help when the going gets tough or take it easier and catch your breath as you enjoy your ride.

The Terrain features the latest pedal-assist technology and is controlled using the panel on the handlebars, letting you decide how much help you get and when you get it. Once you’ve chosen the level of assistance, start pedalling and the electric motor comes into play for a smooth transition that responds with you as you climb or descend. Pedal-assist increases the lifespan of your motor compared with all-electric bikes, plus you’ll enjoy assisted ranges of up to 60km depending on the terrain. Perfect for a day exploring or just as at home on a commuter run, the Westhill Terrain gives you the comfort you want for a relaxing ride with the performance you need to experience the paths less travelled.

If you’re considering a new bike, test drive the Westhill Terrain without ever leaving home – we’ll bring a bike to you with no obligation at all, that’s how confident we are that our motorised bicycles are streets ahead of the competition. With a growing demand for electric bikes, UK cyclists are realising the amazing benefits of pedal-assisted bikes – giving you the healthy exercise you need without pushing the pain barrier every time! Use the scalable assistance to support your initial outings, then dial it back as your stamina increases – how you use your Westhill Terrain is up to you, but we know you’ll have fun with it. All our electric mountain bikes come with warranties up to three years. Browse our site to find out more, then call us to arrange a test drive at your convenience – on 01404 814292.


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