BioZone brochure

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The BioZone’s AirCare system drastically reduces the amount of germs and bacteria found in the washroom. The BioZone AirCare creates a fresh-smelling washroom that is pleasant to use by removing odour-causing airborne and surface bacteria.  It protects washroom users by promoting an hygienic environment that is free of viruses, mould and fungi.  The Biozone product […]

Quench brochure

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Our Quench brochure is now available to download. Our range of Quench products offer the perfect drinking water solution. Everyone is health conscious these days.  So you want your staff, customers and visitors to have access to high quality drinking water – but you don’t want any hassle. Quench drinking water dispensers produce a continuous […]

Biodrier brochure

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Our latest Biodrier brochure is now available to download.  The brochure contains information regarding our series of high-speed driers, including the Biodrier Executive, Business, Eco and Junior models. Download here. To visit our Biodrier website click here.

Bluewave Jet Skis website

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Our Bluwave website has now been launched and can be located here. The Bluewave Jet Ski is the uniquely affordable all-round cruiser designed for family and recreational use. Elegantly designed yet robust and stable – easily carrying 3 people and capable of long distances delivered from a highly economical state of the art engine.  The […]