FW3 Sourcing

FW3 Sourcing

Our FW3 sourcing service offer a stellar service based on Four key principles:

1. Quality assurance

2. Desired quantity

3. Right price

4. Delivery on time

As an established company with offices in the UK and the Far East, we have the infrastructure & facilities in place and the technology behind us to safely source any product and purchase at the right price. This has placed FW3 Ltd in the perfect position to handle the logistics of bringing products to the UK from the Far East.

We offer a safe and secure service and believe in trust in trading. This is demonstrated by establishing offices in the Far East and having qualified people on sight to assess the product. We will send one of our qualified team to the factory, to confirm they are the manufacturer of the product and assess the quality of product. We will even negotiate price for and on behalf of our customer.

Once quality and price has been established, we will organise for samples to be sent to our client for personal satisfaction.After the customer’s order has been placed we will arrange delivery for your item. WE will collate products together and when they arrive in the UK we will distribute to our customer. We cover duty and excise and arrange the best service so shipping costs is minimal. We can order any quantity of product!

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